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Thursday, March 11, 2010 ?
11:35 PM

FINALLY! exam week is just finally over!! 4 more exams till spm =/ gotto start preparing from next week onwards.

and will start training hard for the TOURNEY33 starting right after i finish blogging. its a 3 vs 3 floorball league. there's a fair chance of anyone graping 1st place this time around so its gonna be tough... have only 5 hours of training left before the league begins! :O

had floorball training last night, was totally exhausted. Shawn & I created this obstacle' course that is kinda difficult, the whole Sabah State Team had to dribble the ball through ever obstacle and clock the fastest time, amazingly i got the fastest time of 22.7secs among the team :p hehe dint' know i was that fast either... can't wait to challage Greg the next time he go :D

watched the oscar-academy-awards replay on monday night and i just realised how many AWESOME movies i missed last year. the movie that i wanted to watch the most atm is THE HURT LOCKER which won best pictures, best director, flim editing, sound mixing&editing and best original screenplay!
this is the trailer :

what caught my attention was also this video called THE COVE which won the best documentary. its really nice la but yet sad to see japanese people killing the lovely dolphins :(

another thing that caught my eye is this! XD

haahhaa remember him??
yea thats him, ben stiller :)

wish me all the best and my floorball stick next saturday for TOURNEY33 and hopefully i win something home ;) and hopefully REVO-KK consert tmrw will be a blast! can't wait to see YOU again!

Thursday, February 11, 2010 ?
10:27 PM

it was my school sports day in the morning. it was freaking hot man! it was long hot and boring day ahead... we had to sit under the red-hot sun seeing ppl marching down the field. there's no point to it at all... after sometime i got took the risk to escape out of the padang and joined the athletes to see them warm up while i sit beside at the benches... so the entertaining part was the 4 x 400m Men's final. =D
For the 1st round, Green house was leading by quite a big margin but red house caught up on the 2nd round and made the gap futher on the 3rd round by half a round and by the last runner, he took it all the way to the finish line. so RED got 1st. YELLOW got 2nd. GREEN got 3rd. and BLUE got 4th. but i was dumbfounded when they announced that red house got 3rd place for the overall sports day as i believed we've won alot of shinny medals... but dunt care lar! damn wads over is over! :( wanted to go allsaints to check out their sportsday but lil malas la.
then wenyiing asked me to join them to go play ULTIMATE FRISBEE at tg.aru! i was shocked by the time that she told me. haahaa. it was gonna be played under a few spotlights hanging on pine-trees on the sandy beach at night! :D :D :D\
so i prepared my stuff, went to dental appointment changed my braces from blue to RED and went straight to yiing's house. then i played a lil guitar here and there, watched football, went on9 and only 2 hours passed, so we had to wait 20 more mins before ivan to come fetch us, so we decided to play a lil badminton in her living room. i think she won by 15-11 pts. :/
then we got on the car, fetched jeremy and tanya and got stucked in a jamm here and there and finally reached tg.aru beach! it was already damn dark and we started warming up, throwing frisbee at each other! :)

We divided into teams of 5 not long after and we started playing. i totally underestimated this game as it was tough! we played kinda like american-football style running to the other end of the field to score a point. and we were running on the sandy fluffy beach so it was freaking tiring... i blocked a few & scored a few too but i dropped the frisbee more than i caught it. i even dared to dive afew times to block the frisbee from getting into the hands of the opponent haha! so i kinda had sand all over my body ;p it was so hard to catch it because it was so sandy and all but it was a very fun game to play :D we played from 7pm-9pm and we washed ourself up.
then we drove to damai to have our dinner and chited chated here and there and finally went home.
bath, watched some tv, sat on the Ogawa massage thingey, went to bed, talked with shaneal on the phone for bout 20mins and then lied dead flat on my bed.

Monday, January 4, 2010 ?
11:00 PM


"we see the inbalance that realise thats not right, thats not fair"
...when we ignore the widow & the orphan in their distress actually we're adding to their pain
...when we choose not to help the poor & needy, is that actually we're robbing them
...perhaps the only fair thing to say is that when we forsake the life of others we actually forsake our own
~joel houstan (hillsong united)
[...think about it]

Saturday, December 5, 2009 ?
6:35 PM

02-12-09 8pm (two days after outward bound school)
went to aunty tuan gee's house for supper which was real nice. i was half an hour late because of transport reasons. but nvr the less i made it and everyone was there. we all sat down, chit-chat and not long after tammi got ready setting up her slide-shows =) we all took our positions and laugh while the slide shows zoom through her laptop. SWEET MEMORIES =] then the yoyo & dumplings arrived so we started to eat & drink our way through. then Aaron, Wenyi & I were all planing for tmrws core fitness meet up :D

03-12-09 8am
Aaron, amy, wenyiing, wenyi, gregory & I all met up at core. we all intended to join the
"just abs" class but we dint realise its a ALL GIRL' class so we just did our usual workouts. after an hour long of working out, wenyi yiing & amy went home while the rest of us went to internet arena to play some games =) 3pm, received a msg bout tonight's movie-night-out ( YAY! SCREAMS~ ) * but too bad ernesha couldnt go =( *with the youths so i packed my bag left for drum lesson till 4pm and i went to play MORE GAMES which was kinda sien :/ but i had no choice because the movie started at 845pm. played till 6pm, tapau-ed from damai and went to jeremy's house to chill there for an hour or two.
aunty candy arrived and we left on our way to growball-cinema. there we met up with roger & family to get our tickets. we were kinda late so we went to peee, and entered the theater. then NEW MOON started ady. everyone went ecstatic! when taylor lautner took of his shirt. but he really fit lar, all the girls went high' mode! but the movie was stupid! bella's is such a playgirl:" hey u warewolf! i love ur hairy chest! lets make up. but i oso love the putih-ness of a vampire ohh!" life wtf mann so playish ohh! bdw, thats not wad she said ar, just an illustration ;p then the ending lagi stupid nii == so after the movie, jeremy&I went over to wenyi's house to stay over. there we drank pumpkin soup which was really nice^^ then we went on9 to see more about THE CAST OF NEW MOON.
* did u know that taylor lautner when he was 12 years old, he won the world junior karate-blackbelt championship!?* @@
then we went to bed and sleep =]
woke up at 7am which was really really early, then drank more pumpkin soup*slurpssss* then we went to core fitness to work out man! haha... this time Wenyi, yiing, shelby, Jeremy & I were here. i dint bring my shoe so i dint work out much, just sitting down reading marvel-comics. then we went upstairs, did some workout and sat down to chitchat. tiba-tiba tiada current ni, so we just chitchat and we were thinking: "what if someone was using the treadmill in high speed then when no current how?!" OMG he will have a face plant stairs to the rail man! OUCH! haha.. we got bored & tired so we went around looking for breakfast then we found a nice location. we placed down our bags, ordered our meals and chitchat-ed more. then at 11am we went back to our respective homes and i slept the whole afternoon away! ;D damn exhausted...

Friday, December 4, 2009 ?
5:40 AM

here i am sitting in Jeremy's house, a week after OBS which was kinda between awesome n bored... here is how it went by! =]

27-11-09 friday

woke up at around 6am! brushed teeth, packed my toiletries and ate breakfast infront of my tv watching Eurosport. at around 650am, left home to church. was really excited to be able to attend this LAST & FINAL obs trip with my friends, which is kinda sad... =( not long after, everyone went to the van and placed our bags into it. was kinda glad to see ernesha coming out of her "cocoon" to join us ^^ sat right at the last row of the van along with aaron & timo. ernesha came into the van then and sat the row infront of us along with rach' then she looked behind and gave a billion-dollar-smile with a wave =]

took a 30minute ride to Outward Bound School. there we took our bags down & waited for the instructors to arrive, meanwhile everyone was enjoying the cool breeze brushing across our necks. then they arrived, we placed our bags into the dorms and proceeded to our 1st activities. oyea! not forgetting the briefing which was rather boring ;p
we had a mini warm up and then we were splitted into our groups which consisted: Aaron. WenYiingHanz. Tammi. Timothy. Louis. Shelby. Rachelle. Ernesha. and not forgetting ME.
we did some ice-breakers, group discussion on our group name which is: "ANONYMOUS LAH!" and yes the lah' is part of our group name, random kan?! than proceeded to the GIANT LADDERS which i waited to be last participent to go up along with aaron & aunty candy! haha we ruled the course with the best & cleanest time ;p bangga~

went for lunch after that which was superb! took our gear and went to Rock-Climbing. i was the 1st participent to try the much HARDER' wall. i thought to myself:" hey, this aint that hard!" but the innocent looks fooled me! i had a tough time heading up there but i managed it anyway and felt real proud of myself *eee, i sound so gay nii*

;p after my turn, i had to harness ernesha up rock-climbing & not forgetting the giant-ladder too. helpful leh me! haha ~who am i talking to anyway, all alone in jeremy's livingroom blogging while he is asleep==~ anyways then we proceeded to the FLYING_FOX. some of us dint manage to join the flying fox cause of the shortage of time here, but its great to see ernesha foo from KK, Sabah pass 3 obstical courses which involves great heights! haha CONGRATZ MA' FREN!! *round of applause*

went for a quick cold-zey shower and had our dinner. time flies here which i dearly HATE SO MUCH! we had a class on the topic "dare to be A daniel" which was real great. had supper and went to bed early after a "LONG" day... then tiba2 ada hal that rachelle got some rash so aunty was abit worried and all.

28-11-09 saturday

woke up early in the morning. *again* went to the beach and did our morning exercises. took our breakfast which was SPLENDID! home-made nasi lemak! YUMYUMMY! cleaned our dorms and the instructors said THE GUYS room was spotless and boleh lawan 5-star hotels XD bangga-ness!

had our class then went for kayaking YAY!! hehe partnered up with miss SOO WEN YI which was great cause we ever partner up for tons of kayaking trips =D we had a great time capsise-ing our kayak and competing with other riders ;D but gotto say the kayaking trip was rather short lar. and kasian my partner kena birdey-poo while padalingwith me \==/ bath. ate lunch then we were surpose to do an activity called "dorkey exercise?!'' or something like that.

but everyone very "LAI" and lazy so dint go for the activity. after lunch, aunty tuan gee sent rach' home to check up on the rashes. so aunty candy, aaron & I went to sleep in the conference room which is the only air-con room in OBS. haha then aaron went back to the dorm. but i couldnt sleep so i got up and went to find ernesha to have a walk n get some fresh-air. so i found her in her dorm, then we went to the beach to find wenyi and the rest of them. there yiing, tanya, jeremy, ivan, wenyi & tammi were all there taking random photos XD it started to rain after halfanhour or so then we went back to the canteen to continue our conversation =3

we had to set-up our camping tent and i took about an hour and it was already 7pm when we finnish, imagine the amount of mosquitos at that our man!! sigh-.- after setting it up, we went to have our dinner and we had our next class about Daniel & king Nabuccanezaar. after the class we had our last supper of OBS =( we took all our sleeping bags, mosquito repellent and torchlights to the camp area. there we stood & chit-chat for quite sometime be4 setting up our own roofless tent, in other words open-air camping which was awesome!!

i looked up into the sky and my heart melted as twilight painted across the atmosphere. it was a spectacular sight indeed. then afew of us played TRUTH/DARE. we got bored after quite sometime and then we headed to the beach to talk and ate some snacks. i got emo and went back to sleep. intended to get up at 3am for a walk at the beach but i was too lazy to get up. MSN me if u wanna know why i ter-emo, kinda interesting tu ;p

29-11-09 sunday

woke up, terus back-ache! super hard to sleep man. aaron was like pushing off the mat onto the grass! ahhh... packed our sleeping bags then went back to our dorm. ate breakfast, and the last activity of OBS was the OB Amazing Race. it was rather MUDDY! and wet and boring all at the same time== after the race, we had to build a raft out of afew items. we took half an hour to build it & 5mins to raft it! WTF man, so boring ohh today! did a drama, certificate giving and left OBS =0 played with ernesha's psp and found a great song. titled the show by lenka! ^^ so classy oh this song<3>

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ?
11:41 PM

Outward Bound School, now the memories out OBS kicks back as I think back how fun it was last time... I'm glad that I'm able to join the activities there once again. I has been about four long years since I was back there. I missed last year's OBS trip because I had to sacrifice to go to Japan which wasn't that nice at all -.- but who cares, COME WHAT MAY.
now as I pack my stuff for tomorrow, i keep thinking and saying to myself: "Am I missing out anything that i forgotten to pack?!" I worry I bring something less so i double-checked & triple-checked & and soon quadruple-check my bag at the end of the day =D i also packed double the things I needed there, if u ask me why, i also have no clue why. maybe i can rent it out in case someone requires that item :D $$MONEYYY$$ anyway, like Boys-like-Girls & Taylor Swift said:"causing I'm thinking TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE!"
and much much more ALL IN 3DAYS! of
hopefully no tears
but wouldn't mind tears of joy! haha
....for today =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009 ?
1:00 AM

went to sutera in the morning at 11pm. went there for Lewis Pragasam's Drum Clinic which was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! learned so much from this maestro! watched Sherk2 at the theater and it finally started at aout 1130. after 2hours of rhythm coaching, that it was announced that there was no lunch served == thank God shawn was kind enough to bring me out for lunch =D haha... ate a burrito which was so damn mouth-watering!! *slurps* then we headed back, sat for another 2 hours and they held a jamming session with teddy, and two local talents which was breath-taking!
after then, went to tg.aru beach resort for a GARDEN WEDDING which was real nice but it was eventually hold-back for man hour because of the rain. they had light refreshments after that
went of to luyang for youth! ate char-kuey-tiao and went back to church to watch COME_WHAT_MAY. the movie was real nice but gotto say 2012 was better! haha... than we finished the movie-night much earlier than expected so we played a running game (which was rather exhausting)_! haha. was rather exhausted after then and went downstairs for some light refreshment.
Ivan shared some down-right-funny jokes before we headed home. went home, watched the liverpool:man-city game, than slept after that. what a day~